San Leandro Bay in Oakland, CA
Arrowhead Marsh at San Leandro Bay, Oakland, California. These intertidal wetlands are important breeding and feeding grounds for birds, amphibians, fish, insects, and even mamals. The non-native cordgrass that chokes this marsh prevents shorebirds from feeding.
East Creek Slough at Low Tide, San Pablo Bay in Oakland, CA
San Leandro Bay, Oakland, CA
Sunset from Berkeley Marina, Berkeley, CA
An American coot at the Berkeley Marina, Berkeley, CA
Two American coots swimming on the choppy waters of San Francisco Bay near Berkeley Marina, Berkeley, CA
Ducks browsing in a tidal inlet near Berkeley Marina, Berkeley, CA
A great egret wading at the Emeryville Marina, Emeryville, CA
A view of the Port of Oakland, with ducks and coots, from Emeryville, CA
A ship docked at the Port of San Francisco, near the Dogpatch neighborhood in San Francisco, CA
Snowy Egret on the Mudflats, Point Isabel in Richmond, CA
A snowy egret on the beach in Alameda, CA

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