Lundy Mine
Gareth Bogdanoff

September, 2003
High in the Eastern Sierra are dozens of ghost towns and mining camps, relics of California's gold rush. For a few years I made a hobby of searching for some of them. One of my favorites, Lundy Mine, was also one of the hardest to get to. The hike was three miles uphill, but the hardest part was finding the trail in the first place. The location is not marked on any map, and revealing that information to strangers is frowned upon. 
The mine itself looked like something from a movie set. The entrance, as you can see, is partially collapsed, and we did not investigate further. 
Parts of machinery were scattered all over the hillside around the mine. These gears are huge, and extremely heavy. 
As we walked a little bit further, we came upon an old dam made of stones and logs. The creek-bed behind it had completely silted up, so the dam was no longer functional.
And here is the lake in the canyon above the mine. There is another lake even higher up in the canyon, but we simply did not have the time to go and see it. This was our last stop before heading back.

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